translation and review

:: EN / FR / PT / CA > ES / GL ::      I translate from English, French, Portuguese and Catalan into Spanish and Galician. I can handle texts of any domain although I specialize in computing and localization. I review and post-edit as well.

translation technology

I carry out audits, consulting and research about translation technologies with a view, for example, to streamline workflows in an organization or about how to configure a translation environment according to the client’s needs.

terminology management and work

I specialize in terminology management, including creation and optimization terminology resources out of extractions or various materials. I can also create web-based dictionaries you can query online (see an example).

language engineering

I have participated in several projects aimed at developing writing aid applications as QA specialist, as well as in writing job specifications to develop computer-assisted review technology.


Although it is not my main commitment, when I have time I enjoy working as an intepreter (preferrably in the booth), either hired by some agency or as a volunteer for some organizations.


I work as an independent linguist, translation technologist and consultant specializing in CAT tools and TM technology, as well as a translator and reviewer. I am available for any collaboration, please do not hesitate to get in touch.