Manuel Souto Pico
Linguistic Services (en/fr/pt/ca > gl/es)
Tel. +34 686.846.554
Skype: msoutopico (time zone: GMT+1/CET)


I grew up in Galiza and so became familiar with diglossia and the relation between power and language from an early age. I have lived in the UK, France, Brazil and Finland, and am now established in Barcelona. I am a keen language learner and, apart from my native tongues (Galizan and Spanish), I claim to speak also French, English, Portuguese and Catalan. My current linguistic endeavour is learning Arabic without dying in the attempt. I studied translation/interpreting in Vigo and applied linguistics at IULA (UPF), and have worked as a translator, simultaneous interpreter, software localization reviewer and testing engineer, verifier of survey materials, linguist and terminologist, and have gained a fair amount of experience as a provider of technical assistance and training about Transit/TermStar at STAR Spain. I specialize as a CAT and language technology consultant.

San Felipe (Ferrol)